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Global Equine - News


Jan 8, 2014

2014 January Newsletter

Welcome to my first Global Equine news letter! 2014 is already shaping up to be an amazing year with so much happening.

I am so very proud to introduce you to Global Equine, a business which I have just launched. I’d like to tell you just how it came about.

I’ve always been horse mad and a keen, competitive rider enjoying dressage, eventing and especially show jumping.  Growing up in the country on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia I was able to have a horse as a child and did the usual run through pony club and lessons.  I think my mum was more than happy to get involved as she had ridden in UK in her younger days plus my ‘bestie’ was also horse mad and the rest is history.  Horses had an unavoidable attraction for me and I soon became totally under the spell of ‘horse addiction’!

Trying to be smart, knowing that further down the track supporting my riding would be expensive, I attempted to juggle riding and study whilst completing an engineering degree at the University of Queensland, I did many clicks back and forth to home in order to ride as much as I could.  I took on some off the track project horses and also bred, broke, educated and sold horses from my parents property ‘Riverlyn’ on the Sunshine Coast. After finishing university I tried hard to combine full time work as a Project Manager with riding and training horses.  However, at 27 years of age I have decided that it was time to go with my passion and commit to full time riding.  While leaving a well paid, secure job to follow an ambitious dream earned me more than a few disparaging comments, I have to confess that I have never looked back!  Finally I am following my heart and committing to riding and training fulltime.

My very first step towards achieving my goal of equestrian success was life changing!  After many hours of fruitless ‘googling’ online for training opportunities in Europe I took a leap of faith, bought a ticket to Amsterdam and set off …. not really knowing where…. to satisfy my thirst for training.

Turning up on the door step of a few good stables I soon found myself in the saddle, having top quality lessons and riding a variety of horses, from young less experienced ones to school masters.  I was on a roll and for just under 3 months I wallowed in the European horse scene!  Gradually I developed a string of wonderful contacts in the dressage, eventing and show jumping world and managed to travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Ireland and England.  After a few days out hunting in Ireland, some amazing rides atop quality dressage and jumping horses, coaching from a handful of Europe’s best riders and visits to events like the Longines’ 5 star World Cup in Helsinki, I am more inspired than ever!  I had always appreciated that Europe was the heart of all things equestrian but actually being in the thick of it all was beyond my wildest dreams!

Understandably I was not really wanting to leave and come home to Australia, except of course to be with family and my wonderful partner for Christmas.  But already I had forged a business plan which I will enable others, just like me, to experience the thrills of the horsey scene in Europe.  Enter Global Equine and an opportunity for all riding enthusiasts to get in on the act!  Whether you are serious about boosting your performance in one of the Olympic disciplines and want to train short term or longer in a top European stable, whether you’re keen to experience the exhilaration of riding to hounds in Ireland or whether a trip taking in international horse events and visits to top stables and breeding studs is more your style, I’d love to make it happen for you! 

I personally just can’t get enough of Europe so I’m off mid January to Normandy to ride and train with Amy Graham, one of Australia’s top showjumpers who is currently competing on the European circuit.  With WEG (World Equestrian Games) just down the road in August/ September the months ahead are guaranteed to be full of wonderful times.  Based at Haras Du Ry, through Global Equine, I am able to offer training and itineraries for your dream equestrian holiday.  This international sport horse stable can be the base for your jumping and dressage training with quality accommodation and opportunities to be in the thick of all the action!  Global Equine has trusted contacts for dressage, show jumping and eventing training in a number of other European locations at facilities I have first- hand experience of.  For competent riders I thoroughly recommend a day or two hunting in Ireland, depending on the time of year you visit.  Hunting for me was just one of those experiences that I will never forget- I will be sure to get back to the Emerald Isle in the very near future!

So I’m excited for all that 2014 has in store and I hope that through Global Equine I can give more riders the opportunity to experience just some of the things I’ve been able to enjoy in Europe.  If you’re keen please contact me for a chat!

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